HVAC Habits That Homeowners Need To Break in 2023

Avoid These Heating and Cooling Mistakes in the New Year

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are the heart of home comfort. Without consistent temperatures, it is difficult to be consistently comfortable at home. It is usually only noticed when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, this makes it easy for the average homeowner to forget about it until something goes wrong. Sometimes people even get into habits that can be detrimental to the function of their HVAC system. This article will discuss a few of the common mistakes that people make with HVAC systems.

Bad Habit #1: Ignoring Dirty Air Filters 

filterAir filters are important not only to the proper working of the HVAC system but also to the indoor air quality in the home. Homeowners must replace air filters every three months for the best efficiency. Changing the air filter is a simple task that can be done as part of a professional maintenance check-up or as a cleaning routine for the household. The only issue with a homeowner changing the filter is the possibility of getting the wrong one. The reasons for regularly replacing the filter outweigh the cons of taking a short time to perform the task. The benefits of clean air filters are listed below.

  • More efficient airflow
  • Keeps the inner workings of the unit clean and dust free.
  • Less drag on the air intake
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Keeps energy spending low

Bad Habit #2: Blocking Air Vents

ventsAir vents and air ducts are the conduits through which the temperature-controlled air gets from the HVAC unit to the house. The problem is that sometimes vents end up in inconvenient places, or some guests prefer a room to be hotter or colder than it would normally be. Thus, people sometimes completely close their vents or block them somehow. This is bad for the system because it can cause uneven pressure in the air ducts that may cause damage to the ducts or to the overall working of the system itself. Keep the air flowing through all the vents, and do not block any off entirely.

Bad Habit #3: Neglecting HVAC Maintenance

Maintenance is easy to take care of, but it is just as easy to forget with the home’s HVAC system. It is much harder to ignore the light that goes on when there is a problem with a car engine, but just like a vehicle, heating and cooling systems need regular maintenance to function properly. AC maintenance and heating maintenance can be a breeze when a homeowner takes the time to schedule the check with an HVAC professional. The advantages of such maintenance are discussed below.

  • Efficiency: When an HVAC unit receives proper professional maintenance, it will function most efficiently and use the least amount of energy to function.
  • Extended Life: The unit will last longer if it is correctly maintained.
  • Money Saving: A well-maintained system breaks down less often and therefore costs less to run. If the unit lasts longer, that saves the homeowners from having to replace it.
  • Peace of Mind: There is less worry when homeowners know their HVAC system is properly working. 

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