Beat the Cold, Dry Winter Air With a Whole-Home Humidifier!

Three Ways Homeowners Can Benefit from a Humidifier This Winter

Winter is in full swing, and for many folks, it’s time to stock up on lotion, tissues, and peppermint tea to combat the dry skin, runny noses, and aggravated sinuses that the colder weather brings. But instead of treating the symptoms, it may be better to go after the underlying cause of all that discomfort – that’s where humidifiers come in. 

Winter air can be harsh, cold, and dry, sapping moisture from wherever it can – including skin, respiratory systems, and even houseplants. But by adding a little water vapor to the home’s indoor air with the help of a humidifier, homeowners can keep that precious moisture where it belongs. This article will discuss a few of the negative effects of low humidity levels and how humidifiers can help prevent them!

Better Respiratory Health

benefitsThe air tends to be so dry in winter because colder air can’t hold as much water vapor as warm air. And when that dry air is breathed in, it dries out the mucous membranes in the nose, throat, and sinuses. These membranes are responsible for capturing bacteria and other particles before they can enter the lower respiratory system (namely, the lungs) – but when they’re dry and chapped, they can’t do their job effectively. This is partly why the common cold, flu, and other respiratory illnesses are so prevalent in the colder months.

But dry air doesn’t just make it harder for the body to defend against harmful particles; it also irritates in the form of nosebleeds, coughing, sore throat, and congestion. Low humidity can also exacerbate asthma, allergies, bronchitis, COPD, and other breathing issues.

By raising the home’s humidity levels with the help of a humidifier, homeowners can get some relief from the issues – at least when they’re at home. The membranes in their respiratory systems will have adequate moisture to trap harmful particles and keep the respiratory passageways from drying out, resulting in a healthier, more comfortable winter!

Improved Skincare

Just as dry, cold air saps moisture from the respiratory system, so does it draw moisture out of the skin. Most people have experienced dry hands and chapped lips during the winter, but this issue can be extremely uncomfortable or even painful for some. Particularly dry skin can start to crack and bleed, exposing the skin to the risk of bacterial infection. Even existing conditions like eczema and acne can become amplified in low humidity. 

Of course, hydrating and applying moisturizer regularly can help the situation. Still, this kind of skincare regimen isn’t always practical – and for many, it can feel like an uphill battle. But with more moisture in the home’s air, homeowners will lose less water through the skin and enjoy the winter months without being plagued by dry, itchy skin!

Healthier Indoor Plants

plantsMaintaining a healthy humidity level in the home isn’t just important for the health of the people living there but also for the health of the indoor plants. Plants rely on moisture, oxygen, and light to produce food for growth (photosynthesis). But they don’t just derive moisture from the soil they’re planted in – they also extract it from the air. But if the air is too dry, the opposite will occur; the air will extract water from the plant’s leaves, just as it does from the skin. 

With so little moisture in the air, the plant will begin to wilt and die. Of course, homeowners can try to water it more, but mold or fungus can take hold if the soil is constantly soggy. It can be a delicate balance to strike, but keeping the home at a reasonable humidity level makes it much easier! Fortunately, most houseplants thrive at around the same relative humidity as humans need for ideal health – typically around 40-60%. If homeowners are unsure of their home’s current humidity level but are experiencing the symptoms of dry air, they would do well to ask their local HVAC specialist about installing a humidifier!

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