Reasons to Schedule Spring HVAC Maintenance

Prepare for Summer with an Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Spring is here, meaning there is a laundry list of things to do to prepare for summer. Among the tasks that people like to achieve during spring cleaning are home-related maintenance tasks. In plenty of cases, the home maintenance items on the to-do list are easily done by DIYers. Professionals should sometimes be called in to take care of the technical stuff. 

Springtime is the perfect time to schedule air conditioning maintenance. Along with knocking out an item on the checklist, AC maintenance offers a bevy of benefits for every homeowner. Here are a few reasons to schedule air conditioning maintenance in the spring. 

AC Maintenance Saves Energy by Increasing Energy Efficiency

saveSpringtime to-do lists are all about getting ready for summer. Homeowners are free to do whatever they want during the summer by knocking out pesky, periodic tasks around the home. This makes springtime an investment in the future. AC maintenance is vital for homeowners wanting to make additional investments in the future. 

AC tune-ups and maintenance will cost a little money upfront in some cases. Often local contractors will have programs that allow homeowners to pay for maintenance throughout the year with a membership. At any rate, the maintenance cost is always recouped in the end. AC maintenance aims to reduce cooling bills over the summer by increasing energy efficiency. By allowing a professional to clean and tune up the air conditioner, homeowners can look forward to big savings as the summer heats up. 

Save Money with Lower Repair Bills

hvacAnother way that air conditioning maintenance can save homeowners money is by reducing repair bills. Air conditioners work hard during the summer, and the heater works all winter to keep the home comfortable. This can rack up the mileage on heating and cooling equipment leading to problems that could increase the likelihood of repairs. 

Emergency repairs are always more expensive than regular services like an AC tune-up. If homeowners want to hedge their bets over the summer, AC maintenance is the way. With a simple visit from an AC professional, air conditioners get inspected, lubricated, and cleaned so that big problems don’t happen when homeowners need the AC the most. 

Increased Longevity 

Air conditioning equipment is expensive to purchase and install. Most homeowners only have to do this task once or twice in any given home. Doesn’t it make sense to maximize the longevity of this equipment in an attempt to save money on unnecessary AC installation? 

The best way to maximize the lifespan of heating and cooling equipment is to schedule maintenance twice per year. The fall visit tunes up the heater for wintertime, while the spring visit prepares the air conditioner for the hard work it will do during the summer. By allowing heating and cooling equipment to work a little easier, homeowners can extend the life of their equipment by years, saving thousands of dollars over the system’s lifespan. 

About A New Image Heating & Cooling

A New Image Heating & Cooling is a local AC maintenance and repair service. Their membership offers benefits to homeowners like AC tune-ups and discounted service. Join today or call for upfront pricing on AC service in Warrensville Heights, OH. 

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