Don’t Let a Malfunctioning Boiler Ruin the Holidays

Boiler Services for the Winter

Preventative maintenance helps heaters run throughout the entire winter. Without annual boiler repair and heating services, a boiler may not be able to provide enough steam to warm radiators in the home. A professional inspection includes examining the safety valves, checking ventilation, and testing flame detection devices. When each component is working correctly, households save money and energy. 

What Are the Boiler Basics?

Homeowners are usually aware of their heating system but may need help understanding the importance of a boiler. Boilers are essential because they provide steam that can be distributed throughout the piping system. This allows baseboard radiators and heating coils to warm a house efficiently.

The difference between a furnace and a boiler heating system comes down to mechanics. While a furnace uses warm air, a boiler uses steam from hot water. Both techniques will warm an entire house, but boilers are considered much more energy efficient. Although the initial price can be expensive, boilers save money in the long run.

Boilers can heat water from electricity, oil, or natural gas. From there, a small pump can heat cast iron radiators or baseboard radiators from the steam. Since a fan or blower is unnecessary, boilers are much quieter than furnaces. 

Common Issues With Boilersproblems

Boilers tend to leak without proper maintenance. Excess water surrounding the piping or boiler tank indicates that the pressure valve is too high. A professional will inspect the seal and individual components to see if all valves are working correctly. If one cannot make repairs due to the age of the boiler leaking water, replacements may need to be ordered.

One should fix a heating system immediately if the boiler is making a banging noise. This phenomenon is known as “kettling” because it sounds similar to a tea kettle. Typically this is due to a build-up of minerals from constant water usage. Professionals check for clogs inside the heat exchanger to reduce extreme heat.  

Inconsistent heating occurs when the boiler valves begin to malfunction. This could be due to a faulty airlock or diaphragm. This differs from the kind of component a homeowner can easily replace without experience and proper equipment. A qualified professional is best for handling boiler services.


How To Save Money With Boiler Maintenance

Trained technicians can help homeowners save money by providing quality inspections. Homeowners without the right tools and education will likely miss problem areas in the supply lines or circulator pump. Since boiler replacement is usually more expensive than boiler repair, one should examine the boiler annually to keep up with necessary maintenance.

There are a few household tips that can keep boilers running for longer. Turning the boiler off during summertime will reduce energy bills while the heating system takes a break. During the wintertime, it’s advised that homeowners leave the boiler on while vacationing. This will also prevent pipes from freezing. 

A New Image Heating & Cooling

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Don’t Wait Until the Heater Gives Up the Ghost

Shivers Should Come from Scary Movies, Not Chilly Houses

Unusual sounds, cold spots in the house, and unexplained power surges may be considered signs of the paranormal, but there is no reason to call the Ghostbusters. The same issues can be caused by an HVAC unit that is on its way out or a broken heater. What signs should homeowners watch for in the case of a heater on the verge of breakdown?

Cold Spots in the House

Suppose the home is just not heating up. In that case, there can be several reasons behind the chill in the air, all easily explained without the otherworldly presence of supernatural entities. Some of the things that a homeowner should consider are in the following list:

  • Insulation: If a home is not properly insulated, if windows are old and tend to be drafty, this can result in a less efficient heating system. If the heat easily escapes, there is no way a heating unit can hope to keep up with that heat loss.
  • Power Surge: A power surge can cause the HVAC system to throw a breaker or lose heating power. It may take either resetting the breaker or the system to correct the problem, but it is an easy fix.
  • Thermostat Setting: Checking the thermostat setting may be the best first step. A homeowner should make sure it hasn’t been turned down for some reason before calling a professional about possible repairs.
  • Heater Needing Repair: If the heater isn’t heating, many things could malfunction within the unit itself. One could involve the heating element, the internal thermometer, the thermostat, etc. A homeowner should never try to diagnose the problem themselves but should hire qualified professionals. 


Things that Go Bump (or Buzz or Clang) in the Night (or Day)

soundsIt is common in horror movies to have unusual sounds coming from dark corners of the proverbial haunted house, but heaters that need maintenance or repair often make lots of noises on their own. Some of these noises can be startling and off-putting. Don’t just chalk it up to the normal noise of an old heater. Different sounds can indicate problems with the heater or furnace apparatus. Some professional HVAC technicians may even be able to identify the problem from the sounds. If a home’s heater is making any of the following noises, it would be a good idea to call a pro about maintenance and repair:
  • Banging
  • Hissing
  • Screeching
  • Whining
  • Rattling
  • Humming or vibrations

Repair is probably needed if these sounds are new and are happening more frequently.

High Energy Bills That Are Unexplained

billThe only unexplained phenomenon that comes within the jurisdiction of an HVAC contractor is that of an inexplicably high energy bill. A skyrocketing bill may not simply result from higher fuel costs; it can indicate something closer to home. A heater that is functioning at less than its best or is older can lose efficiency. This means it may be working harder (using more energy) to warm the same amount of space with the same exterior temperatures. If a home gets a really high energy bill that an equal increase in usage cannot explain, then it is time to schedule a visit from an HVAC pro.

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