Don’t Let a Malfunctioning Boiler Ruin the Holidays

Boiler Services for the Winter

Preventative maintenance helps heaters run throughout the entire winter. Without annual boiler repair and heating services, a boiler may not be able to provide enough steam to warm radiators in the home. A professional inspection includes examining the safety valves, checking ventilation, and testing flame detection devices. When each component is working correctly, households save money and energy. 

What Are the Boiler Basics?

Homeowners are usually aware of their heating system but may need help understanding the importance of a boiler. Boilers are essential because they provide steam that can be distributed throughout the piping system. This allows baseboard radiators and heating coils to warm a house efficiently.

The difference between a furnace and a boiler heating system comes down to mechanics. While a furnace uses warm air, a boiler uses steam from hot water. Both techniques will warm an entire house, but boilers are considered much more energy efficient. Although the initial price can be expensive, boilers save money in the long run.

Boilers can heat water from electricity, oil, or natural gas. From there, a small pump can heat cast iron radiators or baseboard radiators from the steam. Since a fan or blower is unnecessary, boilers are much quieter than furnaces. 

Common Issues With Boilers problems

Boilers tend to leak without proper maintenance. Excess water surrounding the piping or boiler tank indicates that the pressure valve is too high. A professional will inspect the seal and individual components to see if all valves are working correctly. If one cannot make repairs due to the age of the boiler leaking water, replacements may need to be ordered.

One should fix a heating system immediately if the boiler is making a banging noise. This phenomenon is known as “kettling” because it sounds similar to a tea kettle. Typically this is due to a build-up of minerals from constant water usage. Professionals check for clogs inside the heat exchanger to reduce extreme heat.  

Inconsistent heating occurs when the boiler valves begin to malfunction. This could be due to a faulty airlock or diaphragm. This differs from the kind of component a homeowner can easily replace without experience and proper equipment. A qualified professional is best for handling boiler services.


How To Save Money With Boiler Maintenance

Trained technicians can help homeowners save money by providing quality inspections. Homeowners without the right tools and education will likely miss problem areas in the supply lines or circulator pump. Since boiler replacement is usually more expensive than boiler repair, one should examine the boiler annually to keep up with necessary maintenance.

There are a few household tips that can keep boilers running for longer. Turning the boiler off during summertime will reduce energy bills while the heating system takes a break. During the wintertime, it’s advised that homeowners leave the boiler on while vacationing. This will also prevent pipes from freezing. 

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Don’t Wait Until the Heater Gives Up the Ghost

Shivers Should Come from Scary Movies, Not Chilly Houses

Unusual sounds, cold spots in the house, and unexplained power surges may be considered signs of the paranormal, but there is no reason to call the Ghostbusters. The same issues can be caused by an HVAC unit that is on its way out or a broken heater. What signs should homeowners watch for in the case of a heater on the verge of breakdown?

Cold Spots in the House

Suppose the home is just not heating up. In that case, there can be several reasons behind the chill in the air, all easily explained without the otherworldly presence of supernatural entities. Some of the things that a homeowner should consider are in the following list:

  • Insulation: If a home is not properly insulated, if windows are old and tend to be drafty, this can result in a less efficient heating system. If the heat easily escapes, there is no way a heating unit can hope to keep up with that heat loss.
  • Power Surge: A power surge can cause the HVAC system to throw a breaker or lose heating power. It may take either resetting the breaker or the system to correct the problem, but it is an easy fix.
  • Thermostat Setting: Checking the thermostat setting may be the best first step. A homeowner should make sure it hasn’t been turned down for some reason before calling a professional about possible repairs.
  • Heater Needing Repair: If the heater isn’t heating, many things could malfunction within the unit itself. One could involve the heating element, the internal thermometer, the thermostat, etc. A homeowner should never try to diagnose the problem themselves but should hire qualified professionals. 


Things that Go Bump (or Buzz or Clang) in the Night (or Day)

sounds It is common in horror movies to have unusual sounds coming from dark corners of the proverbial haunted house, but heaters that need maintenance or repair often make lots of noises on their own. Some of these noises can be startling and off-putting. Don’t just chalk it up to the normal noise of an old heater. Different sounds can indicate problems with the heater or furnace apparatus. Some professional HVAC technicians may even be able to identify the problem from the sounds. If a home’s heater is making any of the following noises, it would be a good idea to call a pro about maintenance and repair:
  • Banging
  • Hissing
  • Screeching
  • Whining
  • Rattling
  • Humming or vibrations

Repair is probably needed if these sounds are new and are happening more frequently.

High Energy Bills That Are Unexplained

bill The only unexplained phenomenon that comes within the jurisdiction of an HVAC contractor is that of an inexplicably high energy bill. A skyrocketing bill may not simply result from higher fuel costs; it can indicate something closer to home. A heater that is functioning at less than its best or is older can lose efficiency. This means it may be working harder (using more energy) to warm the same amount of space with the same exterior temperatures. If a home gets a really high energy bill that an equal increase in usage cannot explain, then it is time to schedule a visit from an HVAC pro.

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Benefits of Installing a Dehumidifier

How Humidity Impacts Indoor Air Quality 

The amount of humidity in houses can impact breathing, mold growth, and more. In this blog post, HVAC experts explain how a dehumidifier can control humidity. The ideal home humidity can vary depending on the needs of the homeowners, but this number generally lies in between 30%-50% humidity. Anything higher than that can cause adverse effects on the respiratory system. 

Too much humidity in the house can turn the home into a place where mold and bacteria can thrive. Airborne contaminants, particularly mold, are extremely harmful when inhaled into the respiratory system. Dehumidifiers keep indoor air quality safe and healthy by removing the moisture that allows mold to grow and thrive. Allergies and asthma can also become inflamed due to high levels of humidity in the air. 

How Do Dehumidifiers Work?

humidifier A dehumidifier is a device used to reduce the air’s moisture and create the ideal home humidity. Dehumidifiers work very similarly to air conditioning in that they suck indoor air into an intake before passing it over coils that remove the moisture through evaporation. The moisture is then dripped into a pan to be disposed of. 

The most common home humidifier uses refrigerant like air conditioners do. Most air conditioning systems also remove a lot of the humidity from the air, but it may not be enough to keep the home comfortable and prevent mold growth. 

Signs a Home Needs a Dehumidifier 

signs Homeowners should be aware of when there is too much humidity. When the home is extremely humid, it can cause condensation to form on the windows. A foggy layer of condensation covering windows clearly indicates that there is too much humidity inside. 

Increased allergic reactions and asthma symptoms can also indicate that high humidity inside of the home is causing respiratory problems for the homeowners. The humid interior of a home can create the perfect environment for mold to grow and thrive. Homeowners may be able to visually see the mold or begin to experience the symptoms of mold poisoning, such as headaches and fatigue.

Homeowners may also be able to smell the mold growing. A musty smell inside the home can be caused by the growth of mold particles and airborne bacteria. Installing a home dehumidifier can quickly resolve these issues by sucking the moisture out of the air. Many people like to install dehumidifiers in their basements to keep the area cool, dry, and mold-free.

Pros of Installing a Dehumidifier

  • Improve air quality
  • Prevent mold growth
  • Prevent bacteria growth
  • Lower utility costs
  • Protect the home from rot
  • Protect the home’s foundation 
  • Improve comfort and quality of life 

Most people find that overly humid environments are uncomfortable to be in. It can make it difficult to breathe and fall asleep. Homeowners may also experience a sticky feeling on their skin as a result of the condensation from the humidity. Installing a dehumidifier can improve the quality of life by creating a more comfortable home interior. 

One of the main benefits of dehumidifiers is that they protect the respiratory system from inflammation. Too much humidity can cause lung mucus, leading to many health ailments. One can reduce asthma and allergy symptoms by installing a dehumidifier. It also helps to protect the respiratory system from the effects of mold. 

Dehumidifiers also help to protect the home itself. Humidity and moisture can lead to wood rotting and mold growth. Mold can cause serious damage to a home’s structure and safety. Installing a dehumidifier in the basement can help protect the home’s foundation from weakening due to the effects of moisture, mold growth, and rot. 

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Air Duct Cleaning Basics

Back-to-School Basics of Air Duct Cleaning

As students gear up once again to head back to school, there’s no better time for homeowners to get an education of their own. Luckily, learning the basics of air duct cleaning doesn’t take long — and the benefits are outsized. Since air ducts are out of sight and out of mind, most homeowners don’t think much about them. But they move a lot of air around the house, which means they also help move indoor air contaminants like dust, dander, pollen, and other allergens. This is why clean ducts are essential to maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Read on to find out more about duct cleaning.

dirty duct signs

When to Clean Air Ducts

Unfortunately, most people don’t have their ducts cleaned as often as they should. For best results, every three to four years is best. But there are also some signs to look out for that indicate overly dirty air ducts. These signs include strange smells coming from the ducts, weak airflow, visibly dusty air, and even odd noises when the ducts are in use.

Ducts can collect dust and other allergens from several sources. They can develop holes in them, animals can chew through them and call them home, and dust gets into them from the house itself. When the ducts are dirty, it can cause weak airflow. This‌ can cause the air conditioning bill to skyrocket. So homeowners who notice an abnormally high power bill should keep this in mind. It’s also a good idea for those moving into a new home to have the ducts inspected and cleaned if they’re dirty.

Why Clean Air Ducts Are Important air duct cleaning benefits

The main benefit of clean air ducts is cleaner indoor air through reduced allergens. Indoor air quality is generally very poor — sometimes as much as five times worse than outdoor air quality. And while changing the air filter on time is one way to keep the air inside cleaner, it’s also important to have ducts cleaned for optimum effect. When so many allergens are stirred up from dirty ducts, those living in the home with breathing or allergy problems suffer the most.

Regular duct cleaning can help those with sensitive respiratory tracts or severe allergies to breathe easier. It’s a major pillar of maintaining healthy indoor air. But there’s often another benefit as well: energy savings. Dirty ducts can contribute to inefficient operation of the HVAC system. Keeping them cleaned can help lower the energy bill!

How to Keep Ducts Clean

While there’s no better way to clean ducts than with a professional HVAC company, homeowners don’t need to schedule cleaning every year. There are simple ways to help keep ducts clean between professional duct cleaning. The best way to do this is to change the air filter regularly. How often will depend on the type of filter, how much the system is used, and if the homeowner has pets? One should change most disposable air conditioner filters at least once every three months. Those who use their air conditioner more may want to change the filter every two and a half months. And those with one or more pets may want to up that to once every two months. Pets, after all, contribute a lot of dust and dander to the air. It’s also a good idea for homeowners to verify that they’re using the best filter recommended for their HVAC system by asking their friendly neighborhood HVAC technician!

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Summer Air Conditioning Tips

Save Money On Cooling Costs This Summer

Summertime is beloved by many Ohio residents for its warm temperatures, time off of school, and potential vacations. High temperatures this summer are breaking national records already, and the cost of air conditioning may reflect this. 

Homeowners struggling with the rising cost of living can find some relief from cooling costs this summer with these three summer air conditioning tips from HVAC professionals. 

Paying for air conditioning during the summer is one of the biggest utility expenses for homeowners. Rising temperatures also mean rising utility bills for homeowners. Here are some tricks for homeowners to save money on their electricity bill this summer and reduce their home’s carbon footprint. 

Keep Thermostat at 78 Degrees

78 is the magic number for setting the thermostat in the summertime. The thermostat controls the overall function of the HVAC system, and adjusting its settings can help homeowners cut costs. 78 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature setting to save money on cooling during summer. 

78 degrees is a comfortable temperature for most people, but for those who like it a little cooler, using fans can help. The general rule for calculating cooling costs is that each degree above 72 degrees equates to around 3% savings on air conditioning costs. 

Programmable Thermostat Installation thermostat

An easy and effective way for homeowners to instantly improve the efficiency of their air conditioning system is to invest in a new thermostat. New programmable and smart thermostats are designed to prevent wasting energy while cooling the home. 

One of the ways that HVAC experts recommend that homeowners reduce their cooling costs is by adjusting the temperature when away from the home or asleep. During the night, homeowners should take advantage of the natural drop in temperature to give their AC a break. While on summer vacation, homeowners should be sure to turn off or adjust the AC. 

Programmable thermostats make it easy for homeowners to schedule these adjustments ahead of time. Smart thermostats learn the home’s climate and make adjustments automatically for the most efficient performance.    

filter Replace the Air Filter

It is important for home HVAC systems for the air filter to be cleaned and replaced regularly. Most homes need the air filter changed around every three months. Homeowners who smoke indoors or have pets who shed may want to change their air filter even more often. 

The HVAC system works hard during the summer months to cool the home. The air filter is a mesh screen placed over the AC’s air intake to prevent particles of dust and other debris from getting into the system. Replacing the air filter on time ensures that there are no blockages in airflow that could make the AC work harder than it needs to. 

Without a clean air filter, dust, dander, and hair particles can build up inside the air conditioner. Not changing the air filter on time can lead to higher utility bills and eventually a total system breakdown.

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Keep It Chill This Summer

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips For a Cooler Summer

Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean homeowners have to sit and take the heat all summer. It doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice spending more on their energy bills either! That’s right. Homeowners can stay cool all summer long without necessarily increasing energy costs. One of the biggest secrets to accomplishing this feat is keeping up with regular AC maintenance. That is professional and daily maintenance.

There are different maintenance tips that homeowners should know about. There are also energy-saving habits that homeowners can adopt to help keep those energy costs to a minimum all summer. Professionals have all the answers below, whether it’s maintenance, AC replacement, or tips for adopting new habits. 

Continue reading to learn more! 

How To Properly Maintain the AC

ac As far as the homeowner is concerned, the only thing they need to know about maintaining their air conditioner is to replace the air filter and call a professional. It is that easy! 

There might only be two steps to the process, but these two steps are incredibly important. Also, the timing in which these two steps are accomplished is equally important. The air filter should be changed once every three months for someone living alone. Those living with multiple people and pets should replace the air filter more frequently. 

Doing so will provide the homeowner with benefits like: 

  • Cleaner air
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • A longer-lasting AC
  • Fewer allergies and illnesses 
  • Lower bill costs

Homeowners should also call a professional to have regular maintenance done twice a year. The professionals will look the entire system over to ensure everything is in working order. This routine will keep the AC working all summer long and for years to come! 

Air Conditioner Replacement Might Be a Must 

Suppose homeowners are dealing with an old AC that experiences frequent breakdowns regardless of how often they have professional maintenance done. In that case, it might be time to invest in a new, better-quality AC. It’s important to know what signs to look for when deciding if it’s time to invest in a replacement. 

Here are some common signs that an AC might be on its last leg: 

  • It doesn’t sufficiently cool the home
  • The system is always running
  • The system doesn’t want to turn on
  • The system makes weird noises when it does turn on
  • It experiences frequent breakdowns
  • It has weak or poor airflow 

Ceiling Fan Direction Helps to Circulate Cool Air 

fan Another cool trick homeowners might not yet be aware of is that their ceiling fans can make a world of difference in the summer, especially when used with their AC system. It might seem a little redundant, but having the ceiling fans on while the AC is running will help circulate the cool air in the home while simultaneously pushing out the warm air. In turn, this will leave the home cooler with little effort from the AC, which means that energy bills will decrease, and the AC won’t experience as many breakdowns from overuse. 

That said, the ceiling fan blades must be facing in the right direction. During the summer, the fan should spin counterclockwise. This creates a downdraft that pushes the cool air to the ground and around the room. During the winter, the opposite is true to help circulate the warm air around the room. 

It’s as simple as that! Not only will homeowners save their AC, but they can even help save their heaters in the winter! 

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Schedule AC Maintenance During The Spring

Schedule AC Maintenance Before June!

schedule maintenance An average summer in Ohio can reach 90 degrees in the peak of July. AC systems should be properly maintained to prepare. Even air conditioners that still run may not work at optimal capacity, leading to higher utility bills. An annual inspection and maintenance are recommended to save money and stay cool all summer long.

As the weather gets warmer and more people are using air conditioning, AC companies get busier, which can cause long wait times by the end of spring. Scheduling an appointment in advance can reduce the chances of a malfunctioning AC this summer.

How To Keep Your AC Running All Summer

The average lifespan of a modern air conditioner is approximately 15 to 20 years. Older air conditioners can begin to break down even sooner. How long an air conditioner lasts depends on multiple factors. The initial quality of the air conditioner may have been high when purchased, but depending on the make and model, this can change. Newer models often have recent advancements to help keep the system running longer. If an air conditioner is purchased second-hand, it can become a problem after five or ten years.

An AC tune-up is recommended for both new and old systems to keep an air conditioner running at maximum capacity. Proper maintenance practices include scheduling inspections on a routine basis. An inspection can indicate if an air conditioner was installed correctly and whether the size of the system works for the house.

ac maintenance for longevity Air conditioning maintenance appointments ensure protection against unforeseen issues. Conditions such as irregular weather or system leaks can be fixed to help air conditioners last as long as possible. A unit that breaks down in the middle of summer may take longer to fix than if it was properly maintained annually.

Make Your AC Unit Last Longer With Routine Maintenance

Air conditioners that are well-maintained and energy-efficient do not usually need AC repair. They reduce the chances of a system breaking down during the year’s hottest months and help maintain good indoor air quality. Air conditioning repair services are frequently needed in older, unmaintained units.

If an air conditioner is still pumping cool air into the house, it may seem like it’s working. While it is still running, this may be misleading. Air conditioners can still circulate cool air while draining money and energy. One way to understand whether an air conditioner is working at a diminished capacity is to monitor energy bills.

An overworked air conditioner can cause a steady increase in AC service. When a unit is no longer running at full capacity, the indoor air may feel warmer. The inclination is to turn the thermostat down to produce even more cool air. This causes the system to work harder for the same temperature level as before the malfunction.

What Does AC Maintenance Involve?

Trained HVAC technicians help maintain an air conditioning unit by inspecting multiple areas of the system. Ductwork, air filters, and mechanical components are parts of a successful air conditioner. The air condensing unit produces proper airflow. Anything that is directly surrounding the condenser will need to be moved. This can include shrubbery or other types of debris. A professional will need to inspect all moving parts, such as the capacitors and fins.

Another part of routine maintenance involves the cooling refrigerant. If an air conditioner refrigerant is old, it may need to be replaced with an R-410A system. Since refrigerant is a chemical compound absorbed by heat, the environment must be considered. The refrigerant, Freon, has been discontinued for air conditioning purposes.

In addition to the unit itself, ductwork must be examined. Without proper airflow, all rooms in the home may not be sufficiently cooled, and maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature during the hot months requires properly sized ductwork.

Self Maintenance Tips

There are a few simple ways to keep an air conditioning system healthy between annual inspections that homeowners can do. Homeowners can replace air filters themselves. This is one way to maintain an AC unit without extra support. An air filter should be cleaned or changed every three months to maintain good air quality. It may need to be changed more often in households with pets or tenants that suffer from seasonal allergies.

Routine cleaning can be done using a vacuum. Vacuuming the unit’s fins will help increase the airflow. Using a soft bristle brush can also work. While cleaning the fins, it is important to check for any damage.

A programmable thermostat helps reduce the strain placed on an air conditioning system. By setting specific times for airflow, the unit does not have to work every hour. Programmable thermostats can be set for various times and may be used on multiple schedules. Setting alarms for when to turn the air conditioning on or off may be helpful for those who do not have a programmable thermostat.

Noisy air conditioners caused by the compressor can be temporarily muted by contacting the manufacturer. Homeowners can purchase a sound blanket for the specific model online. Universal blankets are also available until professionals can perform proper maintenance.

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