Summer Air Conditioning Tips

Save Money On Cooling Costs This Summer

Summertime is beloved by many Ohio residents for its warm temperatures, time off of school, and potential vacations. High temperatures this summer are breaking national records already, and the cost of air conditioning may reflect this. 

Homeowners struggling with the rising cost of living can find some relief from cooling costs this summer with these three summer air conditioning tips from HVAC professionals. 

Paying for air conditioning during the summer is one of the biggest utility expenses for homeowners. Rising temperatures also mean rising utility bills for homeowners. Here are some tricks for homeowners to save money on their electricity bill this summer and reduce their home’s carbon footprint. 

Keep Thermostat at 78 Degrees

78 is the magic number for setting the thermostat in the summertime. The thermostat controls the overall function of the HVAC system, and adjusting its settings can help homeowners cut costs. 78 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature setting to save money on cooling during summer. 

78 degrees is a comfortable temperature for most people, but for those who like it a little cooler, using fans can help. The general rule for calculating cooling costs is that each degree above 72 degrees equates to around 3% savings on air conditioning costs. 

Programmable Thermostat Installationthermostat

An easy and effective way for homeowners to instantly improve the efficiency of their air conditioning system is to invest in a new thermostat. New programmable and smart thermostats are designed to prevent wasting energy while cooling the home. 

One of the ways that HVAC experts recommend that homeowners reduce their cooling costs is by adjusting the temperature when away from the home or asleep. During the night, homeowners should take advantage of the natural drop in temperature to give their AC a break. While on summer vacation, homeowners should be sure to turn off or adjust the AC. 

Programmable thermostats make it easy for homeowners to schedule these adjustments ahead of time. Smart thermostats learn the home’s climate and make adjustments automatically for the most efficient performance.    

filterReplace the Air Filter

It is important for home HVAC systems for the air filter to be cleaned and replaced regularly. Most homes need the air filter changed around every three months. Homeowners who smoke indoors or have pets who shed may want to change their air filter even more often. 

The HVAC system works hard during the summer months to cool the home. The air filter is a mesh screen placed over the AC’s air intake to prevent particles of dust and other debris from getting into the system. Replacing the air filter on time ensures that there are no blockages in airflow that could make the AC work harder than it needs to. 

Without a clean air filter, dust, dander, and hair particles can build up inside the air conditioner. Not changing the air filter on time can lead to higher utility bills and eventually a total system breakdown.

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